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Valve joins the virtual reality race with SteamVR

by on24 February 2015

Looking for VR content creators

Steam has announced a new and refined Steam Controller, but it is also bringing a completely new toy in the form of SteamVR. 

The products will be showcased at GDC 2015, but the company did not reveal any specs for SteamVR – it merely described it as a “previously unannounced” hardware system.

The company also said it is actively seeking VR content creators and called on all those who think they have what it takes to check out the SteamVR demo at GDC.

A limited number of SteamVR dev kits will be available as well, so if you are willing to give it a go, Valve urges you to schedule your demo now

With Oculus, Sony, Panasonic and Samsung in the game, competition in VR space is starting to heat up. However, we have not heard anything from not one, but two elephants in the room – Nvidia and AMD.

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