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Not many GeForce GTX 970 returns

by on06 February 2015

So that is all right then

Despite the fact that AMD has dropped its prices to make Nvidia uncomfortable, and that the press is making the Green Goblins life a misery, the actual returns of the GeForce GTX 970 product are pretty low.

According to various sources the actual return rate of the GeForce GTX is below 5 per cent. The low return rate of the GTX 970 is good for Nvidia, its partners and the market, particularly when it has had such bad press.

Jon Peddie, the principal analyst at Jon Peddie Research he had heard only 5 per cent of the buyers are demanding a refund from the AIB suppliers.

Of course retailers and add-in-card vendors do not want to share many details about the amount of customers wishing to return their graphics cards so we will probably not know for sure. In fact we don't really know what the normal return rate for these types of cards is to see if there is much difference.

Returned GeForce GTX 970 would reappear on the market anyway. Suppliers of graphics cards who voluntarily decided to accept returns will get them back, test them, ensure that they work properly and then will either market them again as new.

They could rebrand them under the correct specifications with a five to 20 percent price reduction which will match them to AMD's price cuts.

In reality, it is highly likely that the amount of GeForce GTX 970 set to be returned by the end-users because of the controversy will be a lot less than 100 thousand units. 100 thousand unhappy customers can create a lot of negative noise all over the Internet, but they will hardly have a significant impact on the market.

Earlier this week Overclockers UK and – two leading European online stores from the U.K. and Germany – said that they would accept all GeForce GTX 970 graphics cards from all suppliers back if certain customers are unhappy. The window for returning a GeForce GTX 970 is between now and end of February.

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