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Nvidia releases Geforce 337.50 Beta driver

by on07 April 2014

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Geforce GTX 700 series faster than Radeon with Mantle API

Nvidia has finally released its rumored "wonder driver", Geforce 337.50 Beta, which should bring performance improvements of up to 71 percent in SLI and up to 64 percent in single-GPU configurations.

Of course, such high performance improvements are expected only in a single game - Total War: Rome 2. Many other titles will get anywhere from 6 percent to 53 percent. The most important performance improvement is in Thief, where the GTX 780 Ti is now faster than the R9 290X, even with Mantle API enabled. The same thing goes for Battlefield 4 as well as the Star Swarm benchmark, at least according to official Nvidia slides.

According to Nvidia, the new Geforce 337.50 Beta driver supports all Geforce graphics cards dating back to the Geforce 8 series and comes bundled with Geforce Experience 2.0 with ShadowPlay desktop capture, advanced Twitch streaming controls, ShadowPlay for notebooks, and SHIELD GameStream support for notebooks. Of course, according to what we can see in official release notes, the DirectX optimizations, which result in educed game-loading times and significant performance increases across a wide variety of games, according to Nvidia, will be limited to Nvidia Geforce GTX 700 series GPU in both single-GPU and SLI configurations.

The performance improvements in games are as follow:

GeForce GTX 700 Series (Single GPU):

Up to 64% in Total War: Rome II
Up to 25% in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Up to 23% in Sleeping Dogs
Up to 21% in Star Swarm
Up to 15% in Batman: Arkham Origins
Up to 10% in Metro: Last Light
Up to 8% in Hitman Absolution
Up to 7% in Sniper Elite V2
Up to 6% in Tomb Raider
Up to 6% in F1 2013

GeForce GTX 700 Series (SLI):

Up to 71% in Total War: Rome II
Up to 53% in Sniper Elite V2
Up to 45% in Aliens vs. Predator
Up to 31% in Sleeping Dogs
Up to 20% in CoD: Black Ops 2
Up to 10% in Hitman Absolution
Up to 9% in F1 2013
Up to 7% in Far Cry 3
Up to 6% in Metro: Last Light
Up to 6% in Batman: Arkham Origins

In addition to those performance improvements, the new Geforce 337.50 Beta driver also adds a couple of SLI profiles for Total War: Rome II, War Thunder, Watch Dogs and Diablo III as well as 3D Vision and 3D Compatibility Mode profiles for games like Path of Exile, KickBeat, Assassin's Creed Liberation, Sniper Elite, Strike Suite Zero and Watchdogs.

As always, the new Geforce 337.50 Beta driver is available over at website supports Windows XP, 7, 8 and Windows 8.1 in both 32-bit and 64-bit flavors.


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