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KFA2 rolls out overclocked GTX 780 Ti

by on31 January 2014


Hall of Fame edition

KFA2 describes itself as a manufacturer of premium Nvidia graphics cards and more often than not the company manages to life up to the promise by developing attractive non-reference products.

The Hall of Fame series is a good example of the KFA2 design philosophy. HOF edition cards are high-end products and they tend to be overdesigned, with elaborate custom coolers. The GTX 780 HOF launched a few months ago, just in time for AMD's Hawaii rollout and now the GTX 780 Ti is getting the HOF treatment, too.


Based on Nvidia GK110-425-B1 silicon, the card is stock clocked at 1020MHz, but it can hit 1085MHz on boost. This makes it faster than most factory overclocked GTX 780 Ti cards - only EVGA, Gigabyte and Inno3D each have even faster GTX 780 Ti cards. The memory is clocked at a reference 1750MHz, like most factory overclocked GTX 780 Ti cards.

The GTX 780 Ti features 2880 cores, 240 TMUs and 48 ROPs. The KFA2 card is rated at 5875GFLOPS (Single), 245GFLOPS (Double). The only downside we could think of it the size of the cooler - it's a triply slot affair, but it also features two axial 100mm fans. Only a handful of GTX 780 cards feature 100mm fans, most rely on smaller 80mm or 92mm units.

We still don't have the official price, but Overclockers UK has it listed (but not in stock) for GBP 559.


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