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XFX rolls out passive R7-series cards

by on18 December 2013

240 and 250 Core Edition

XFX has unveiled two passively cooled Radeons for HTCP lovers and just about everyone else who appreciates silence and can live without jaw dropping graphics.

The R7 240 Core Edition and R7 250 Core Edition cards feature passive coolers with the usual combination of copper heatpipes and aluminium fins. Both cards are based on the Oland core.

The R7 240 features 320 GCN cores clocked at 780MHz base to 900MHz in boost mode. The TDP is just 30W, which means it can get away with a low profile PCB and heatsink. The downside? It uses DDR3 memory, although it ships with 2GB of memory. It’s priced at €75.

The 250 has 384 cores and it’s clocked at 1050MHz and 1150MHz boost. The TDP stands at 65W and it is a full profile card. It should sell for €90 to €95.


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