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HD 7990 goes official, $999

by on24 April 2013

AMD’s foray into 4K

The HD 7990 is official, sort of, and it will hit retail in two weeks time. Here are a few figures - $999, over 8 TFLOPS, 8.6 billion transistors, 6 gigs of GDDR5 and a bunch of bundled games.

AMD is touting the HD 7990 as the ultimate 4K graphics card, as it is supposed to handle any current game at 4K with max settings. The dual-GPU monster boasts an equally impressive game bundle, including titles such as Crysis 3, Bioshock Infinite, Tomb Raider, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. In total, AMD is giving away eight AAA titles.

The generous bundle should offset the $999 asking price, which is high but in line with expectations. AMD claims the new card is faster and quieter than Nvidia’s GTX 690. It is pricey, but it sounds like a better deal than NV’s flagship, especially when you take into account the eight game bundle.

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