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Geforce GTX 780, 770 coming in May

by on23 April 2013

GK110 and GK104

Nvidia is about to launch desktop Geforce GTX 700 series cards and this time the launch starts from the top down. The GTX 780 is set to replace the GTX 680 and the new card is based on the GK110 chip that we all know from Titan cards.

The chip is actually slower than Titan and is internally called Titan LE, which means that GTX 780 should end up slower than Titan cards. Our sources claim that the card should end up about 30 present faster than the GTX 680 and the launch date is expected by the end of May. This means the card comes very close to Computex, the biggest computer trade show in Asia that kicks off on June 4th.

The runner up is continuing the naming tradition and is simply named Geforce GTX 770. It is based on a new GK104 – 425 improved 28nm core. The current GTX 680 has the GK104-400-A2 core, and the 425 implies some slight optimisation and changes.

The GTX 770 stays loyal to the Kepler architecture and just like with the GTX 680, we can expect one cluster less compared to GTX 670. Performance wise the card should be between 20 and 25 percept faster than the GTX 670. The launch is expected in mid May.

The real next generation has now been shifted to Geforce GTX 800 series, in case Nvidia continues the same naming tradition and it is going to be based on Maxwell. This new GPU promises a huge leap forward with capability of more than twice the Giga Flops per watt than Kepler. Maxwell has been pushed to 2014, but we don’t know the exact date.

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