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MSI Geforce GTX 680 Lightning-L graphics card shows up

by on15 February 2013


Same card lower clocks

MSI's Geforce GTX 680 Lightning-L graphics card has showed up in Japan and it is possible that we will it in other markets as well.

Apparently not much has been changed compared to the original GTX 680 Lightning, as the PCB and feature set look about the same. The only thing that is different are the clocks. Set at 1019MHz and 1084MHz for base and boost GPU, they are somewhat lower. For comparison, the original GTX 680 Lightning worked at 1100MHz for base and 1176MHz for Boost GPU clock.

The new Lightning is still cooled by MSI's Twin Frozr IV GPU and it comes with 2GB of GDDR5 memory clocked at 6008MHz. With the same feature set it is expected that this SKU will have a rather decent amount of overclocking headroom as well, depending on the GPU below the cooler, of course.

Although it has not been officially launched, we will surely keep an eye out for it in other markets as well.

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