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New AMD desktop cards in 2H 2013

by on15 February 2013

Sea Islands ahoy

A part of AMD’s next graphics update mentioned here is  that AMD wants to make its Radeon HD 7000 series perform even better on the market and that it plans to continue selling these cards for a while. The company feels confident that a combination of good value and attractive bundles such as Never Settle Reloaded is the way to go. [We bet it will work better than Matrix Reloaded. Ed.]

AMD went on record telling the world that Radeon HD 8000 mobile series is indeed the Sea Islands series and that the same master code name is currently also used for the desktop cards. Darren McPhee, Director of Product Marketing, AMD Graphics, never said it but it’s safe to assume that desktop Sea Islands will end up with Radeon HD 8000 branding.

The desktop version of Sea Islands cards will come in 2H 2013 and we didn't get any better date than that. In the normal world second half of the year starts with July 1st and ends with the December 31th 2013, so the cards should appear over this six month period.

In case AMD wants to hit back to school, Radeon HD 8000 series needs to be out by late July, but this is just common sense while the actual production and distribution depend on many factors that are not known to us at this time.

AMD announced a much more eventful 2013 in graphics and back at CES 2013 we heard some of the top names in AMD that the company wants to point out that it is better in graphics than people think they are. AMD has vastly superior graphics to Intel and even Haswell with GT3 graphics is no match for AMD. However, not too many mainstream consumers have been paying close attention and AMD failed to communicate this for a while.

Obviously this is about to change. Nvidia is still competitor number one, but we are sure that a frontal attack is coming in Intel’s direction as well.

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