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7990 stays the fastest AMD card till end of 2013

by on15 February 2013

AMD execs on the record

Just now we listened in on AMD’s graphics update conference call and we heard some new info, but nothing surprising.

The call featured Darren McPhee, Director of Product Marketing, AMD Graphics and Devon Nekechuk, Product Manager, AMD Graphics, Dave Baumann Manager, Product Management - Performance & Enthusiast Desktop GPU Graphics Division, AMD and the very charismatic Roy Tailor, Corporate Vice President Global Channel Sales at AMD all ready to talk about graphics. They are certainly not ready to settle.

AMD was quick to point out that the Asus Ares 2 HD 7990 is currently the world’s fastest graphics card, and that it believes it will stay that way. AMD has been asked many times about Titan, but it maintains that this is a Tesla GK110 based product not meant for gaming. AMD believes it will stay the fastest and we very much doubt that. AMD was also very clear that Never Settle Reloaded had an excellent impact on the high end graphics market and boosted AMD graphics sales, especially in the USA.

These chaps also confirmed that Radeon HD 7990 1GHz Edition remains the fastest card from house of AMD and that there won’t be any new cards to replace this one anytime soon. There will be a graphics update in 2H 2013, but not in the dual-chip high performance market segment.

There will also be some new bundles to come, Mr Taylor was very clear that he wants to poke Nvidia, his previous employer, and try to seize some market share from the green team. Let the fun begin.

Last modified on 15 February 2013
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