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XFX declares war to a green plane

by on24 September 2012


Red fighter can shoot it down

XFX was always known for its peculiar marketing strategies that are known to get a lot of attention, and the most recent one is definitely not an exception.

The company came with a campaign where "XFX declares W.A.R" on inferior graphics cards. The "W.A.R" part stands for wreak and ruin while the basic idea is to tell XFX why you'd like to destroy your inferior non-AMD Graphics Card. 

The good news is that if you win, XFX will make you a proud owner of its R7970 graphics card. There is a catch though - if you get the XFX R7970, you will have to destroy your card.

The competition is open for EU residents and you need to visit XFX's Facebook page, like it and enter your W.A.R related idea.

You can find XFX Europe Facebook page here. You can get more rules and details here.

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