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Nvidia GTX 660 Ti gets a possible launch date

by on27 July 2012

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Coming on 16th of August

We have been saying for quite some time that GTX 660 Ti will most likely be based on GK104 GPU and it appears now that Sweclockers managed to get some info regarding the launch date that should be August 16th.

As we wrote earlier, our sources have been telling us that there will be two graphics cards based on the GK106 GPU and one, most likely GTX 660 Ti, based on the GK104-300 GPU. Again and still, Nvidia did not release any names for the upcoming mid-range cards and it is still anyones guess, but major rumours state that we could see the GTX 660 Ti and probably two GT 650 graphics cards.

According to that same post over at, the GTX 660 Ti GK104-300 GPU could end up to be pretty much identical to the GK104 GPU on the GTX 670 in terms of the CUDA core count, base and boost clocks and amount of memory. The only difference is actually the memory interface that went down from 256-bit on the GTX 670 to 192-bit on the GTX 660 Ti. To be precise, the GTX 660 Ti will feature 1344 CUDA cores, 915MHz base and 980MHz boost GPU clock, and 2GB of GDDR5 memory clocked at 6008MHz and paired up with a 192-bit memory interface.

The 16th of August date comes in line with Cologne Gamescom trade fair, which is a pretty good event to show a new graphics card. As we told you earlier, most things are still labeled as TBD and nothing is carved into stone. 

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Nvidia mid-range to come in August

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