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Nvidia mid-range to come in August

by on11 July 2012


GK104 and GK106 chips

There has been a couple of rumours floating around recently regarding Nvidia's upcoming mid-range GPU lineup that will most likely be based on the GK106 and the GK104 GPUs. Although some are keen enough to mention names of the upcoming graphics cards, our sources are telling us that Nvidia still did not talk about model names and it is basically anyones guess in which way will Nvidia decide to go as nothing is carved in stone.

As noted, names of the graphics cards are not carved in stone, but some of our sources expect that we will see a single GTX 660 and probably two GT 650 cards (one likely to be called GT 650 Ti). This comes from the fact that partner expect two SKUs based on the GK106 and one based on the GK104-300 GPU, but the exact naming scheme is still unknown.

The August time frame is pretty much what we have been hearing from our sources as well and although some were previously expected in July by some partners, it looks like that is not going to happen. The only "precise date" (well, sort of) that we heard is mid-August for GK104-300 GPU.

The price chart on the recent post over at is pretty much in line with what we have been hearing as well. The top mid-range GPU should be price at around US $300, while two others should hit US $200 and US $250 mark, but that was expected due to the big gap that Nvidia now has in the US $200-300 price range.

In any case, more info and most likely precise model names should start to show up as we draw closer to the end of this month.

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