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More Nvidia rebrands on the way

by on11 April 2012


Entire entry-level 6xx lineup

After our initial article that rebranded Nvidia Geforce GT 620 will indeed hit retail, we have been asking around and managed to dig out a bit more info regarding it. According to our sources, it appears that the entire entry-level lineup will be rebranded and we'll be able to eventually see GT 620, GT 630 and Geforce 610 on retail/e-tail shelves.

Unfortunately, we were a bit off with our initial article as it now appears that retail and OEM rebrands of the entry-level 6xx lineup will be different. While the GT 620 OEM and Geforce 605 OEM are rebranded GT 520 and Geforce 510, the retail versions will be quite a bit different. According to our current info, the retail version of the GT 620 will be a rebranded GT 430. The GT 430 and thus the GT 620 is based on the Fermi 40nm GF108 GPU with 96 shaders, 4 ROPs, 16 TMUs and a 128-bit memory interface with GDDR3 memory.

According to our info, Nvidia also plans to rebrands the GT 440, which will magically (with BIOS flash and a new shiny box) become the GT 630. The Geforce GT 440 (non OEM one) is based on the same GF108 40nm GPU but has slightly higher clocks and is paired up with GDDR5 memory. The last but not least is the GT 610 which will in retail/e-tail world is simply the GT 520, based on the GF119 GPU with 48 shaders, 4 ROPs and 64-bit memory interface.

The rebranding really doesn't come as a surprise. According to our info, partners expect that the upcoming AMD's Trinity and even Intel's Ivy Bridge will devastate the entry-level GPU market. Intel's Ivy Bridge could end up with a performance similar to the GT 430 and Trinity will even go higher. With this in mind, Nvidia would rather simply rebrand existing cards. As noted, OEM rebranding will be a bit different and OEM 6xx should not be the same as entry-level retail/e-tail 6xx cards.


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