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Rebadged GT 620 not for OEM only

by on05 April 2012


It will hit retail

After doing a piece on Nvidia's GT 620 and Geforce 605 OEM-only graphics cards, which are actually rebranded GT 520 and Geforce 510, we got a nice tip that the GT 620 is not actually OEM-only card and it will also hit retail/e-tail.

In case you missed it, the GT 620 features the same GF119 40nm GPU with 48 stream processors found on the Geforce GT 520. The only difference between the GT 520 and the "new" GT 620 is the amount of memory, or rather half of it on the GT 620, but we are pretty sure that this won't happen in retail/e-tail, since it is a simple matter of box change. The card will still work at 810MHz for the GPU, 1620MHz for shaders and 898MHz for up to 2GB of DDR3 memory paired up with a 64-bit memory interface.

According to our sources, partners have already ordered new boxes and it shouldn't be long before we see a 520 to 620 switch in retail/e-tail. This does not come as a surprise since we are close to Ivy Bridge launch and with its "improved" graphics it simply makes the entry-level GPUs obsolete and useless.

We will certainly keep an eye out for more rebadging.


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