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Overclocked GTX 680 comes later

by on20 March 2012

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Few weeks after launch

If you
are after an overclocked GTX 680, you will have to hold your breath for at least a few more weeks. Despite the fact that desktop Kepler GTX 680 launches on the 22nd of March, this will only be the case for reference cards.

Of course, reference cards have the same 1006MHz clock. Additionally, most of them, if not all, will have the same reference coolers with a brand sticker on top of it.

Partners are working on overclocked cards and they should come in a few weeks time. Naturally, Nvidia wants to use the launch and benefit from the sales of reference cards.

There should be enough space for overclocking since the cards can run between 10 and 20 percent over its default 1006MHz clock and remain stable. The question is what will be the safe number to ship the cards at, because when you sell an overclocked card, you have to make sure that it can run for a long time without breaking.

Nvidia’s GTX 680 is a 195W TDP card and overclocking it will make it even hotter, so no surprise there. Overclocked cards should rear their face at some point in April, with a change to get pushed in May being a possibility as well, but they are coming.

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