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Jensen on Kepler

by on11 January 2012


CES 2012: Be patient Fudzilla

In the last year, if not even longer, Nvidia has talked more about Tegra than any of their other products. This is despite the fact that anyone who has seen at their balance sheets knows that they make money mostly on Geforce and Quadro products.

After the keynote, we managed to ask Jen Hsun Huang, Nvidia CEO, a single question. We asked, where is Kepler? The answer we got was that we have to be "patient" about it.

jensen press ces2012

Furthermore, we discovered that there was an internal discussion to showcase Kepler at this keynote but Nvidia decided not to. As far as we know, it was a business decision to wait, and Kepler is production scheduled to launch at a later date. Current estimates are that it will launch in first half of 2012, possibly sometime late in Q1.

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