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AMD Radeon 7000M to come in December

by on23 November 2011

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Full London series lineup

According to a report at, AMD's entire Radeon HD 7000M series should be launched in December and it is a quite an extensive list of SKUs ranging from low-end Seymour to high-end Wimbledon GPUs.

The upcoming AMD London series lineup features a total of five different GPUs that will be available in an extensive number of SKUs depending on the clock, amount and type of memory. The low-end part is based on the Seymour GPU that will be avialable in couple of Pro, XT and XTX SKUs variations and clocked between 600 and 800MHz and paried up with 512MB/1GB 64-bit DDR3 (in one case GDDR5 memory). The low-end offer will bear the Radeon HD 7400M series name.

The mid-range offer is based on the Thames GPU and it is quite an extensive one as it features a total of ten different SKUs. It will bear the Radeon HD 7600M and Radeon HD 7500M series name. The lineup starts with the Thames LE and Thames LP GPUs clocked at 450MHz and paired up with either 128-bit or 64-bit 1GB of DDR3/GDDR5 memory.

The top part of this mid-range offer is represented by Thames Pro and Thames XT GPUs clocked at 600MHz and paired up with 1GB of 128bit GDDR5/DDR3 memory. These four SKUs will be quite easily differentiated as the Thames Pro will carry Radeon HD 7570M (DDR3) and HD 7590M (GDDR5) name while the Thames XT will be known as the HD 7670M and the Radeon HD 7690M.

The high-end of the offer starts with Chelsea GPU that will be available in XT and Pro variation with clocks ranging from 450-550 to 600-700MHz. These should feature 2GB of GDDR5 memory paired up with a 128-bit memory interface and will be known under Radeon HD 7700M name. The next in line is the Heathrow, known as the Radeon HD 7800M series. It will feature the same amount of memory, higher clocks and probably more stream processors when compared to the Chelsea GPU.

The real high-end will be known under the Radeon HD 7900M brand and represented by two Wimbledon GPU variations. The Wimbledon Pro should be clocked at somewhere between 650 and 700MHz and paried up with 2GB of GDDR5 256-bit memory, while the XT variant should end up at between 700 and 750MHz with up to 4GB of GDDR5 256-bit memory.

Of course, you should take these informations with a pinch of salt due to such amount of SKUs and interesting rumoured branding scheme. It is important to note that all GPUs, except Seymour, should be based on the 28nm manufacturing process. The Seymour on the other hand is simply a rebrand of the Radeon HD 6400M series.

Of course, you can expect a similar lineup from Nvidia under the Geforce 600M series lineup and we might see them at CES 2012 in January with the launch date probably towards March and Ivy Bridge.

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