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New Nintendo Wii U has AMD Radeon

by on08 June 2011

It's official
Not that we haven’t told you this before, but as of last night, AMD went on the record telling the world that its GPU is part of the new Nintendo gaming console.  Naturally AMD didn't spill any important details about the GPU itself, but we can tell you that it is not a Fusion chip but rather an embedded graphics card.

The current test phase has to involve a 40 nm prototype chip, something based on the Southern Islands but the real production chip might actually be based on a shrink version in 28nm, codenamed Northern Island.  Of course the chip won’t be identical to a real GPU but it will share many similarities.

"AMD shares Nintendo's excitement for the new HD entertainment experience planned for the Wii U console," said David Wang, corporate vice president of Silicon Engineering, AMD. "We're proud to provide our leading-edge HD multimedia graphics engine to power the new entertainment features of the console. Nintendo is a highly-valued customer and we look forward to the launch in 2012."

According to our insiders we also learned that AMD might have won all consoles this time around, Sony included. You may recall that Nvidia made some pretty nice deals when Sony cae calling, but this will most likely cost Nvidia a next generation console deal with Sony.

Most recent news from various gaming magazines claim the new Xbox and Playstation won’t come until 2014, but we're still hoping to catch at least a sneak peek at some of them already next year.

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