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Nvidia introduces GT 545 and GT 530

by on19 May 2011

For OEMs only
Nvidia has quietly introduced two new Geforce 500-series cards, but for the time being they are reserved for the OEM market.

The GT 545 features 144 CUDA cores and it will be available in two versions. The DDR3 model will feature 1.5GB or 3GB of memory and a 192-bit bus. The core is clocked at 720MHz, while the memory clock stands at 1800MHz. The second version uses GDDR5 memory and it features a 128-bit bus. It is clocked at 870MHz for the core and 3996 for the memory.

The low-profile GT 530 has a meager 96 cores, 128-bit memory bus and it is clocked at 700/1400MHz. It will be available in 1GB and 2GB flavours.

The pointlessness of sticking 2GB or 3GB of memory on such cards is obvious, but OEMs tend to like stickers with big numbers. There is still no word on whether the cards will end up in retail at some point, not that they would make much sense anyway.
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