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Nvidia preparing another GTX 560

by on31 March 2011

Without the Titanium suffix

According to the news post over at, Nvidia is planning yet another member of the GTX 500 series family, the GTX 560. Unlike the GTX 560 Ti, the new GTX 560 will obviously lack the Ti (Titanium) suffix and will fit between the GTX 560 Ti and the GTX 550 Ti. Basically, it sounds like a direct replacement for the Geforce GTX 460 card.

Although the specs are far from being confirmed, the new Geforce GTX 560 should have 336 CUDA cores, 56 texture units and 32 ROPs. The clocks should end up much higher than the one seen on the GTX 460 and might be close to the one seen on the GTX 560 Ti. You can expect the clocks to be easily over 800MHz, due to the fact that this one has less shaders than the GTX 560 Ti.

Pricewise, the card should fill the gap between the GTX 550 Ti and the GTX 560 Ti that are now selling for US $149 and US $249, so the new GTX 560 will most probably end up at US $199. Of course, it wouldn't be a first time Nvidia adjusts price or the clocks just a few days before the launch so nothing is carved in stone.

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