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Geforce GTX 590 launches with few thousand units

by on30 March 2011

Limited numbers, US sold out
Sources told Fudzilla that GTX 590 did not launch in tens of thousands units, the numbers were much more modest. Europe got a few thousand cards which is not that great volume for a 501 million people market in the European Union, where quite a few people can afford expensive things such as GTX 5x0 cards and x is 7 or higher.

A quick check at newegg, tiggerdirect and best buy reveals that there are no any GTX 590 cards available in the US market at the moment, but we found plenty of cards in the EU, especially DACH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) German speaking countries. Not many people dared to overclock either which is kind of a surprise to us. Asus did a great 3MHz overclock, EVGA did it 630 MHz clock while Point of View’s TGT did 668MHz as well as an impressive 691MHz.

Nvidia just adjusted EU prices as you can find some GTX 590 cards for as low as 603 euro and we just got some information that Nvidia offered some rebates in order to support the price drop. This might be the confirmation that Nvidia simply overdid the price, at least in Europe.

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