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Early GTX 560 Ti benches tip up in China

by on13 January 2011

Looks quite promising
Several early benchmarks of Nvidia’s upcoming GTX 560 Ti board were posted at the discussion board and the results look quite promising.

According to the figures, the 560 managed to outperform the old 460 by about 25 percent and the same goes for AMD’s HD 6870. Surprisingly, the 560 is very close to the Cayman based HD 6950, at least in 3Dmark.

The card scores P4118 in 3Dmark 11, while the Vantage score stands at P20644. As expected, the GTX 560 Ti ended up with 384 shaders, 32 ROPs, 1024MB of GDDR5 memory and a 256-bit bus with a total memory bandwidth of 128.3GB/s. The default GPU clock appears to be 823MHz, while the shaders and memory ended up at 1645MHz and 1002MHz respectively. This is quite a bit faster than the GTX 460, although some factory overclocked GTX 460 boards ended up at 850MHz.

Mind you, the results should be taken with a grain of salt, but nonetheless the GTX 560 appears to deliver impressive performance. It should be able to match AMD’s HD 6950, so at this point it all comes down to the price. The GTX 560 should launch later this month and January 25 is being tossed around as the launch date.

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