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Barts XT and PRO to replace 5800 series

by on30 September 2010
Faster ones
AMD would not bother to launch cards that are not faster than the previous generation, as this is simply the nature of things. They simply have to be faster than the previous generation.

We got confirmation that the HD 6000 series launch is still on schedule for October 18th and that Barts PRO and Barts XT are going to replace Cypress, Radeon HD 5800 series boards. This is a clear indication that the new card is going to end up faster than the Radeon HD 5850 and most likely HD 5870 which is something that most of us didn’t expect.

Still the real deal are Cayman PRO and XT that are scheduled to launch in November time, and these ones should once again raise the bar. Nvidia has something to counter the Northern Islands at least in the high end, but we still have to find out more details about it.

Antilles, the new Radeon HD 6970 dual X2 card should also launch later this year.
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