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Fermi still not available

by on12 April 2010


Coming in a day or two, hopefully

It's the week of April 12 and Nvidia's latest Fermi based cards, the GTX 470 and GTX 480, are supposed to go on sale in a matter of days.

Numerous retailers are listing the new cards, but none of them are actually shipping them. The prices have gone down since the launch, but both cards are still on the pricey side.

The GTX 470 should sell for €315 to €350, depending on the market, while the GTX 480 should cost between €449 and €479. In contrast, AMD's HD HD 5870 sells for around €335, while the cheaper HD 5850 can be yours for €250.

As our review demonstrated, Nvidia's 480 easily outpaces the 5870, but not by a very wide margin, especially if you factor in the price. Fermi is coming, but it won't have it easy against AMD's popular and rather affordable 5800 series.
Last modified on 12 April 2010
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