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GF104 Nvidia mainstream card real

by on09 April 2010


Summer launch, taped out

We learned some basics about Nvidia's first new card to launch after Geforce GTX 480 and GTX 470 cards. The new card is codenamed GF104 and it is currently taped out, works and performance looks good.

The chip is much smaller than recently launched Fermi-based Geforce GTX 480 and 470 and our sources expect that this product might be the next “8800 GT”.

Let me remind you, this was probably the best selling card in sub $200 market that Nvidia later renamed to 9800GT and most recently to GTS 250. We probably missed a few internal rebrands, as this was Nvidia’s policy for a long time.

We can only hope that this card won’t be late, for Nvidia’s sake.

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