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Fusion desktop same TDP as mobile

by on06 October 2010

Dual-core at 18W
A lot of people still care about desktops and the HTPC market, as many still prefer working on desktops rather than notebook. People still like the fact that one of the machines they have at home is fixed and that it has a proper screen. Well, at least many of us do.

This is why especially people who are after HTPC (Home Theatre PCs) might be quite happy with AMD's Ontario dual-core chip. We’ve learned that the desktop part has the same 18W TDP and some of the roadmaps we’ve seen have listed some 25W parts, a chip that is likely to be clocked faster.

There will also be a single core part with 9W TDP but we are not sure if this one will jump in and replace current K10.5 45nm Sempron CPUs, but at least the possibility is there.

Graphics pefrormance on Ontario looks good and this is something that will come handy in the HTPC market as it will be good enough to pay Blu-Ray HD video, something that is the most demanding for these users, and some basic games such as Starcfaft 2 will run just fine.

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