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Jensen thinks Tablet will get big

by on22 September 2010

GTC 2010: Tegra 2 tab this year, early next year

Yesterday, Nvidia's CEO said the following. "You cannot bring a Tablet device without an operating system, application and services. We need to work with our partners to make the full product. " This is how he started.

He also mentioned that Apple has all it needs to make a great tablet in house. For the rest of us, he continues it takes a few companies to do that but once the first investment is made, all the sudden focus comes from PC market and gets faster and easier to new markets, such as Tablet.

Its all about the software it seems, and once you get a good operating system for tablets, you should see more and more tablets, many of them based on Tegra.

Jensen hopes to have tablets in late 2010 and early 2011 he said that at this point at least he is playing with them.

With this in mind just go and read these two, now it all makes perfect sence.

Also need

Tegra 2 tablet developers also late due bad Windows 7

Tegra 2 Tablets late as OS not ready
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