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Tegra 2 Tablets late as OS not ready

by on22 September 2010

GTC 2010: Android 3.0 or Chrome necessary
We have learned that Tegra tablets got delayed due to poor performance of Google's Android operating system. We also learned that despite the fact that many companies did made tablets based on Tegra 2, and wrapped around the Android 2.2, google single stopped most of them telling that it is not happy with the performance of the aformentioned OS.

The company first hoped that Android 2.2 will work much better than Android 1.6, but once it tried Android 2.2 on tablets, it simply wasn’t happy with the performance and said that OEMs need to wait for Android 3.0.

The real operating system of a choice seems to be the Google Chrome but no one wants to commit to any date, and cannot actually put a date behind a Tegra powered tablet. The same delay is affecting any other ARM based tablets.

Android 3.0 is expected in Q4 2010 and it looks that this will be late for most of the OEMs to come out with its tablets for Xmas shopping spree.

Windows tablet edition was just not good enough, and we do have a story about that as well.

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