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Tesla gets to 9 OEMs with 19 SKUs

by on21 September 2010

GTC 2010: It was just one in 2009

Nvidia’s Tesla seems to be doing some good for the company. Despite the fact that Nvidia still has to earn some serious money from Tesla, it now has 9 OEMs and 16 SKUs.

This is way better than it was in 2009 when the company only had one OEM carrying it, and if we remember correctly, it was Super Micro that had them. We do know that they were not too happy with Tesla sales but let’s hope that the other eight partners can improve sales and make more of it.

These 9 OEMs are carrying 19 SKUs and different systems, so this diversity might lead to better sales and help Nvidia make some money on its rocky CUDA strategy.

Jensen tells us that almost everyone who matters in the OEM server world is carrying Tesla. We are not sure what the great Nikola Tesla would say if he knew a GPU computing card and a car were named after him.

Update: Jesen just announced IBM Blade center, T-Platform TB2 some Russian HTC provider and Cray XE6 Tesla powered system. We dont know who the other five.

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