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GTS 450 comes out to play

by on13 September 2010

What a difference a year makes
Nvidia has officially launched its third DirectX 11 card, the GTS 450 based on the new GF106 core.

We will post our review shortly, but it’s clear that the GTS 450 can match ATI’s HD5770. However, the HD5770 launched on October 12 last year, so been on the market for a year and one day. (Uhm, you missed a month. sub.ed.) Clearly, the GTS 450 is just late to the party. Mind you, it’s still a not a bad choice, as it sells for as little as €115 in the European market, so it costs about the same as a 5770.

As you probably already know, the GF106 features 192 cores, 32 texture units and 1GB of memory on a 128-bit bus. The reference clocks are 783MHz/900MHz/1566MHz for the core, memory and shaders. It’s power consumption is rated at 106W which is about the same as an HD5770, rated at 108W.

The GTS 450 also delivers good overclocking performance and several partners are already offering OC versions with core clocks near the 900MHz mark.

Basically it’s a nice effort, but AMD’s 6000 series is just around the corner and Nvidia will face even stiffer competition in the months to come.

Stay tuned for our review.

Last modified on 13 September 2010
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