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Stores will sell PS5 only to PS4 owners

by on15 August 2022

Stops touts 

With the PS5 as rare as hens' teeth, a Japanese chain store has taken to only selling the console to those who can prove they own a PS4.

The GEO chain has announced that it will sell the console only to those who own a PS4 and win a lottery in a bid to combat touts.

Other Japanese chains have adopted a lottery system, where only the winner has the right to buy a PS5, always on condition that they meet the requirements to participate and take place in a lottery. 

This strict measure will come into force starting from 19 August.  While touts will be hacked off that they will not get a chance to make a swift buck on the PS5 there will be lots of customers who may not have a PS4 or have sold it in anticipation of buying PS5 who will be gutted by the move.

Perhaps a nice Xbox?


Last modified on 15 August 2022
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