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Rockstar brags about over working developers

by on16 October 2018

Sweatshops are a selling point apparently

The world has become a somewhat darker place when a games company co-founder thinks it is ok to brag about over working his developers. .

Rockstar Games after co-founder Dan Houser admitted in an interview that the team behind “Red Dead Redemption 2” sometimes worked 100-hour weeks.

Houser told Vulture magazine that developers had worked 100 weeks alongside other bragging rights that the game will include “300,000 animations, 500,000 lines of dialogue, and many more lines of code.”

Houser added he was speaking about himself and a team of three others and that the company would never expect anyone else to work that way.

But the comment somewhat backfired yesterday as those in the game industry ranges from outrage that a studio as powerful and profitable as Rockstar is overworking its developers.

David Heinemeier Hansson, author, creator of Ruby on Rails and founder of Basecamp said it was daft to brag about pushing your workers to 100h+ weeks while also claiming to be proud of how sensible your work practices are.

“Especially on a sequel to an original game that brought the families of workers to plead with management for leniency.”

Mike Bithell, developer of “Thomas Was Alone,” and “Subsurface Circular,” spent several Tweets Monday morning noting some of the lousy work practices in the video game industry.

“If I ever boast about my team having to do overtime because I can’t manage them properly, and use that as a selling point, please screencap this tweet and send it to me hundreds of times until I depart this godforsaken website in shame,” he also tweeted.

Peter Stewart, a writer and narrative designer at Creative Assembly, pointed out that “crunch,” the practice of working long, often-unpaid hours of overtime to wrap up a game, is often glamorised and shouldn’t be.

“This needs to stop being a point of pride, no matter how bittersweet you make it sound,” he tweeted.

Players wondered why Rockstar or parent company Take-Two didn’t merely hire more employees to cut down on the need for so much overtime.

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