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Nintendo nixing NX talk

by on28 September 2016

Sensitive subject apparently

Next year Nintendo is supposed to be releasing its Nintendo NX and yet nothing official has come out from the former maker of playing cards.

As a result we have nothing but rumours and speculation and to make matters worse, Nintendo is starting to get rather sensitive about the whole thing.

GameSkinny had an interview with Nintendo of Canada communications manager Andrew Collins and obviously the hack looked like he might mention the NX. Collins told him point blank that any questions about the NX would result in the interview probably getting cut short.

Apparently Nintendo isn’t quite ready to talk about the NX yet and when they are, they will most likely host a Nintendo Direct to speak about it. Fair enough, but when the hack even mentioned this, Nintendo threw its toys out of the pram and GameSkinny redacted the comment.

It is not clear why Nintendo is being this sensitive. After all being talked about is much better, from a marketing point of view, than not being talked about.

It might be that they have been looking at Apple’s business model and thought “that secrecy thing works really well for them” however we are not really sure if it does.

Last modified on 28 September 2016
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