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No jets or tanks in Hardline

by on02 February 2015

Maybe later in DLC if it makes sense

Battlefield Hardline is fast and different from previous Battlefield releases, so you will not be finding any tanks or jets in it according to the developers at Visceral.

As fast moving as the game is, we are not sure that tanks or jets would be something you would want to add.

Maybe with the release of a future DLC package if it makes sense in terms of the story, they might consider adding jets and tanks, but they there are very solid right reasons right now why they would not fit into the game.

We will have a better idea of we going to see any how it is going to play once we play around with the beta over the next 5 days. We have to say however that it looks much better than what we saw in the Alpha and it could be on the right track to being a very fun title. Still concern however is server performance as that has stumbled over the last couple of Battlefield.

Last modified on 03 February 2015
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