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Expect more Microsoft gaming franchises on PC

by on23 January 2015

More coming than just Fable Legends to Windows 10

While Microsoft didn't get too specific they did go out of there way on the Xbox Wire recap to say that not only Fable Legends was going to be coming to the PC.

While Microsoft announced that Fable Legends would be coming to Window 10, they said nothing about future titles.

The news that they are planning to bring other Microsoft franchises to the PC could mean a lot of things. However, we have already seen some of this with Xbox exclusives like Dead Rising 3 and Ryse Son of Rome coming to the PC after they had been exclusives on the Xbox One for a time. This is a trend that we think is going to continue.

As for what we might see... anything is possible but Forza comes to mind as a conversion of it was recently used for a demo. Sunset Overdrive and Screamride are two more titles we think are prime candidates. Maybe even Halo: The Master Chief Collection could end up on the Windows 10 PC at some point in the future. Don't forget that Microsoft owns a lot of older IP from the PC side that would be excellent starting ground of new or reimagined versions of some of these for updated releases.

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