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Download confusion cleared up for Xbox One owners

by on12 January 2015

Digital-purchases remain playable even if removed

Microsoft has confirmed that Xbox One owners do not have to fear the possibility of their digital purchases disappearing, even if they are pulled from the Xbox Store. Like on the Xbox 360, if a title is pulled from the Xbox Store, those that have purchased it will still be available for the original purchase to download again.

The drama started when digital buyers of Fry Cry 4 were locked out of re-downloading the title even though it was a proper digital purchase. As it turns out the inability for buyers to download it had to do with a glitch in the system, not some sort of DRM lockout that was driven by Microsoft ‘s DRM policies.

We have seen in the past on the Xbox 360 that licenses expired and titles were removed from the store, but those that purchased it prior to removal could always download it again. Nothing has changed. It would seem with the clarification from Microsoft that digital purchases continue to be safe, even if removed from the Xbox store.

Last modified on 12 January 2015
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