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Halo 5 beta download is rather large

by on08 December 2014

Sources say that it is a 10GB download

Sources have tipped us that the upcoming multiplayer Beta for Halo 5 will not exactly be a small download. The Halo 5 beta will start at the end of the month for those that will have access to it through the purchase of the Master Chief Collection. Right now we have not heard of any additional ways for Xbox One owners to gain access, but we suspect that there will be other ways before the beta ends on January 18th.

Checking in at over 10GB, it is going to take more than a little while for most to be able to download the beta once testing opens on December 29th. Early previews of the upcoming multiplayer beta for Halo 5 seem to indicate much change according feedback that pro gamers and Halo players have.

Whispers of a planned release date of Halo 5 for April 13th have been rumored, but we have continued to hear from multiple sources that a fall release that could slip farther into the holiday season of 2015 are much more likely. We think the rumors of an April release are bunk.

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