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Hanger 13 is new 2K Studio

by on05 December 2014

Headed up by former LucasArts veteran

Way back around March we heard rumors of Take-Two Interactive preparing to open a new studio that as associated with a trademark that they filed. The trademark was for Hangar 13 which is the name of the new studio.

Hangar 13 will be headed up by LucasArts veteran Haden Blackman who is best known for his work on writing the The Force Unleashed, the DC Batwomen comic and currently for writing Electra for Marvel. According to what we have been able to figure out from the press release, the new studio will be developing some sort of new next generation engine to deliver moment to moment gameplay with long term effects on the world which it is in.

The new studio will be based in Novato, California and beyond the announcement of the studio itself, we have no idea what they might be working on. Our best guess is that it is something new and not something we are going to see anytime soon.


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