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Does Blizzard have something new to show?

by on22 October 2014

Two out gap in BlizzCon schedule may be a clue

While we know that Blizzard has canceled the project Titan that they were working on, but a strange gap from noon to 2pm at Blizzcon has everyone talking. Could it be that this time gap on the main stage is a clue that Blizzard might have something new to announce?

We a lot of people are suggest that it could be an announcement of something new. The thing is that Blizzard has never done something like this before, but there is a first time for everything.

As for what it might be, that is a difficult question, but some unaccounted for floor space has also added to the mystery. Again, it could be nothing or it might be something. For the time being we will have to let the rumor mill continue to theorize on what it could be.

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