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Playground still addressing Horizon 2 issues

by on06 October 2014

Has made significant progress since Tuesday

When Forza Horizon 2 was released for the Xbox One, it had a few issues. It seems these days that this is a common problem with releases these days. The Livery Sharing, Rewards, and Car Clubs were among the things not working right on launch day.

Developer Playground Games has been quickly addressing the issues and has been posting updates as too their progress. Issues are being addressed, like the VIP functionality not working and intermittent launch day connectivity issues.

As of Saturday the game was caught up with loyalty and Forza Rewards fulfillment. This means that they worked through the backlog of players that have been waiting for rewards to be fulfilled and arrived. New players should have to wait the standard time frame for rewards to arrive.

While the Forza Rewards fulfillment is caught up, the same cannot be said for the Demo Car award fulfillment, Playground de-prioritized these in order to get the loyalty cars and Forza Rewards cars done first, but they are making progress on getting these cars out as well.

The online features of the game and Turn 10 continues to monitor the servers and the other features that have been fixed to make sure that everything keeps working, but it would appear that after a well things are in pretty good shape now.

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