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Is there money trouble at Crytek?

by on24 June 2014

Denies that it is close to bankruptcy

We have heard from a number of sources including developers at Crytek that claim to be unpaid, that Crytek is apparently having some sort of money troubles and may in fact be on the verge of bankruptcy. Crytek has denied these claims that it is on the verge of bankruptcy.

There is no denying however that Ryse: Son of Rome cost a lot of money and the Xbox One exclusive has not done as well as Crytek hoped. With the news that developers have gone unpaid comes the reality that other developers are trying to perhaps poach key talent away from Crytek’s studios.

While Crytek has dismissed the reports of money problems, we have heard whispers that an influx of new money maybe pouring into the studio via a buy in from another source. We have heard that Wargaming may be one of the parties interested in buying into Crytek.

Things have been difficult for Crytek as they look to transition from a traditional development studio to a F2P developer. While they also will continue to license their CryEngine and do some contract development, the focus is clearly on the development of free-to-play titles with micro-transactions going forward. It has been a painful transition from all accounts.

Crytek has a number of titles in development. We are not sure what the future holds, but we are hopeful that they can resolve the issues at hand and continue to move forward.

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