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GameStop confirms Xbox One selling at $399

by on12 June 2014

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It is flying off the shelves it went on sale

Bob Puzon who is the senior VP of merchandising for GameStop says that since the new Kinect-less Xbox One went on sale Monday it has been “flying off the shelves”. The news has been well received by Microsoft who is pleased to see the surge in sales that was reported on Monday.

While the Kinect-less Xbox One has not been a hit with the developers who have been supporting the Kinect, it will be interesting to see how well the stand alone Kinect sells when it becomes available later this year. Just how many of those that buy the Kinect-less Xbox One bundle will come back later and actual decide to purchase a Kinect.

Developers who have been supporting the Kinect with titles have been quoted as saying that they feel like Microsoft pulled the rug out from under them. Perhaps the one developer who has the most to lose is Harmonix who has both a new Dance Central and Disney Fantasia to be released soon for the Xbox One with Kinect. Dance Central has been recognized as perhaps the best of the titles that were released for the original Kinect on the Xbox 360 and with the additional power and added performance of the Xbox One Kinect, it will be interesting to see the difference and improvement.

Independent dealers we have checked with have reported similar sales surge for the Xbox One as well. As one dealer told us, “I was able to sell all of the Kinect-less Xbox One units we received. In fact we have had calls asking for the Kinect-less Xbox One console and up until this week the only calls we were getting is people asking for PS4 consoles.” We are sure that Microsoft could not be more pleased with reports from the field like this.


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