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Could Master Chief Collection be coming to PC?

by on12 June 2014

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Might be in the cards for a future release

With Phil Spencer talking about a renewed focus on Windows PC gaming, is it possible that the Halo Master Chief Collection could be headed to the PC in the future?

While 343’s Frank O’Conner suggested that a direct port of the Xbox One version of the Master Chief Collection to the PC is not impossible, he has gone on to say that if they were to ever do a PC conversion they would want it to be the right product at the right time.

Whispers that we have heard suggest that Microsoft has not ruled the idea of porting to the PC out, but if it were to happen, it isn’t going to be anytime soon. Microsoft will want to maximize the release of the Master Chief Collection on the Xbox One first as a warm up lap for Halo 5 next year and we don’t think a PC port would fit into that plan.


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