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BioWare declares war on socially retarded users

by on24 March 2014

No surrender

BioWare Montreal's gameplay designer Manveer Heir has said that it is time that game developers stop listening to a vocal crowd of users who are bigots. During a talk at GDC Heir received a standing ovation for his rousing "Misogyny, Racism and Homophobia: Where Do Video Games Stand?" 

He called on the industry to demolish stereotypes that exist in video games and accept "a social responsibility to mankind".

"These negative stereotypes affect the identity of individuals in these groups. They affect the way people think and treat others in the real world, and perpetuate the social injustices that occur in these different groups," he said.

Heir said that it was "very cynical" to assume the audience isn't capable of embracing a gay hero or heroine, or "more exclusive women protagonists in games that aren't glorified sex objects and actually have personalities beyond supporting the men in the game.

It was time that the industry to stop being so scared and create games that changes the core experience for the player and ruffle a few feathers.


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