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Forza 5 running on PC with DX12

by on24 March 2014

No word if it will be released for PC

At GDC Microsoft in conjunction with Turn 10 Studios showed a demo featuring Forza 5 that was converted to run on a DirectX 12 powered PC. While we all know that DirectX 12 is Microsoft’s attempt to update its API to deliver console like graphics with those types of abilities.

In a demo Chris Tector from Turn 10 Studios show a demo of Forza 5 that had been ported or updated if you will to take advantage of the DirectX 12 technology to run on the PC. According to Microsoft, the technology that is powering the Xbox One is now available to developers in DirectX 12, so it should be easy to port Xbox One titles to the PCs using the DirectX 12 API.

Microsoft claims that DirectX 12 features a more bear metal approach that is available to developers, meaning coding closer to the hardware with less API to get in the way for better performance. This is similar to the benefits of AMD’s Mantel API that can provide similar benefits.

The biggest question seems to be however, if Forza 5 Motorsport will be released for the PC. Right now the answer to that question is unknown. No release announcement or intention of releasing Forza 5 for the PC was announced. Sources tell us that a final go or no go for a PC release has yet to be made, and if it does get made it is likely to come closer to the release of DirectX 12 which is later this year in the Fall of 2014.

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