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EA secures Titanfall 2 publishing rights

by on21 March 2014

Likely will get a PlayStation 4 release

Sources are indicating that Electronic Arts has secured the publishing rights to publish the sequel to Titanfall. EA’s ability to publish Titanfall’s sequel apparently had to do with a clause in the contract that sales of the first Titanfall had to achieve a certain level, but while we know that sales of the Xbox One are on the rise, we still don’t know how many copies have been sold so far.

While EA has not officially confirmed that they have the publishing rights for Titanfall 2, if they do have them it almost certainly means that franchise will go multiplatform with the next release. Which means the whining of all of the PlayStation 4 owners about not getting Titanfall on their console will end.

Another well connected source tells us not to rule anything out just yet. Microsoft has written big checks before and might opt to do so again to keep the series Microsoft platform exclusive. The question really would be if EA would consider taking that kind of money to do it. Stay tuned.

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