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Forza Horizon 2 likely for later this year

by on20 January 2014

Playground said to already be deep in development

After the successful release of Forza Horizon, players have been wondering when official confirmation will come that a sequel is in the works. While the developers at Playground games have not been leaving very many clues, we know that they are deep into work on something; and if you add up everything all together, it does appear that what they are working on is actually Forza Horizon 2.

While we have been watching for more clues, the latest confirmation that Forza Horizon 2 was in development came from a certain Supercar Manufacturer who admitted that they had signed a new contract with Microsoft for licensing their marque for use in the game. Beyond that, additional clues from developers themselves point to Forza Horizon 2 being in development.

Our sources tell us that Forza Horizon will be announced early this year, but it has not yet been decided when. We suspect that it will be before E3, but by E3 at the latest. It will ship yet this year in the late Fall. As for the platform, while it will be (of course) an Xbox exclusive, we suspect that it will only be released on Xbox One and there will be no Xbox 360 release; but you never know if that might change.

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