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EA to aggressively defend Battlefield lawsuit

by on20 December 2013

Class action lawsuit will be dismissed in due course

Electronic Arts is talking tough about the class action lawsuit over Battlefield 4 that has been filed. The company claims that they will aggressively defend the meritless allegations and have even gone as far as to predict that the court will dismiss the complaint in due course.

Without getting into all of the details, the suit alleges that EA failed to disclose and misrepresented adverse facts about Battlefield 4 that were known by the company prior to the launch of Battlefield 4. The suit claims that Battlefield 4 was bug ridden and had a number of other problems. In addition the suit claims that EA executives sold EA stock at artificially inflated prices due in part to positive comments made about Battlefield 4 earlier in the year.

While there is no doubt that Battlefield 4 has had its problems and a rocky launch to say the least, it still isn’t clear how much anyone knew about the situation with the game before it was released. DICE has continued to work non-stop releasing patches and fixing bugs on all of the Battlefield 4 platforms and things have gotten better. It is still hard to say however how much impact all of the negative talk has impacted sales as EA has not released sales numbers for the game yet as we don’t know what the sales of the next-generation versions of the game have done. Some are claiming that sales of Battlefield 4 are down 69% over the sales of Battlefield 3 however.

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