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WWE license goes to Take-Two

by on15 February 2013

Lawyers claim it will save THQ millions

As we have been hearing whispers about, the legal wrangling has ended; and Take-Two will become the new home of WWE video gaming after a deal was reached with former publisher THQ. According to THQ’s legal team, the ability to reach a deal will save the former publisher millions by Yuke’s reducing its claims against THQ.

The deal has seen THQ, Yuke’s and Take-Two Interactive carve out a deal that transitions the development of the WWE wrestling video game titles going forward. According to rumors, if a deal was not reached, the claims by Yuke’s for breach of contract could have reached as much as $60 million according to information revealed in court documents.

Yuke’s will continue to develop the WWE video games, and Take-Two has confirmed that they have reached an agreement to publish them. THQ staff that worked on the WWE games will be given at least a chance to join Take-Two. It isn’t clear yet who this might include.

Of course, the agreement is pending final court approval; but it is hard to believe that it will not be finalized given the significant savings it brings THQ and the fact that it gets one of its biggest creditors to move on down the road. The news is also good for Take-Two, which picks up a new sports title to distribute and move forward with.

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